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In college, I spent many many hours in the used cd store, sitting on a stool in front of the disc-player, a stack of random cds at my side. Sometimes Adam & I were there together, sometimes I was alone with the music. In fact, if I’m honest, that may just be my faulty memory … Continue reading



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  • I think I need to start a Mary Oliver collection in my library. #wishlist 6 years ago
  • RT @AFER: Let's just be clear: all of this is from actual court transcripts from the trial. None of these lines are embellished or made ... 6 years ago
  • My lovely post office lady gave me chocolates (for Valentine's Day) AGAIN! 6 years ago
  • Creative-outlet craft project time! Want a Valentine? Send me a msg! 1st 3 msgs. Fair warning: the valentines will probably be dorky... 6 years ago
  • Word. RT@s00j Even work-a-holic supergirls need snuggles to survive. :) 6 years ago